Coordinating Implementation

SL_new_logo squareThe Secretariat of the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program was formed by order of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic on July 11, 2014. It will help facilitate Program development after the Global Snow Leopard Conservation Forum, until the Program Secretariat is duly established.

The main focus of the Working Secretariat is to conduct periodic consultations with all range countries, donors, academics and implementing partners regarding the goals of the GSLEP in accordance with the Bishkek Declaration on Snow Leopard Conservation, adopted at the Global Forum on October 23, 2013 in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.

The Secretariat helps with monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of activities under GSLEP program by range countries and supports leadership in taking action towards achieving the program goals.

It helps facilitate exchange of knowledge by sharing successful conservation models between range countries and implementation partners; sharing good practices; mobilize resources within existing and innovative mechanisms; cross-sectoral engagement between a wide range of stakeholders, and coordination amongst relevant agencies.

Kyrgyz Staff:


Chyngyz Kochorov



Emil Turusbekov

Deputy head


Altynai Kudaibergenova



Altynai Djunusova

Planning and Liaison Assistant


International Staff:


Keshav Varma

Senior International Advisor & Founding Director-Global Tiger Initiative (World Bank)

ph.:(91)8447473989, (996)552819481     e-mail: 


Dr. Koustubh Sharma

International Coordinator & Senior Regional Ecologist-Snow Leopard Trust

ph.: (91)9871144991, (996)551218116     e-mail: