Shining the spotlight on snow leopards

Range countries are committed to communicate to citizens and various stakeholders, including local communities, youth, different branches and arms of the government, civil society, and the private sector, about the value of snow leopards and their ecosystem. They agree to announce and celebrate October 23 as the International Snow Leopard Day, and 2015 as the International Year of the Snow Leopard.

Portfolio in building awareness

Country Objective Key Activities
Afghanistan National snow leopard education and public awareness project. Disseminate reports/articles; media and press releases; awareness programs on local radio and visual media; environmental education programs for schools.
Bhutan Review existing Forest and Nature Conservation Act.
China Widespread information dissemination on snow leopard conservation and call for more attention and support from public. Use media, websites, and outdoor advertisements to encourage public to pay attention to snow leopard conservation; hold special events for public participation, such as celebration of Global Snow Leopard Day; organize volunteer activities; establish more wildlife hotlines.
India Awareness generation for all sections of society to maintain or foster traditional tolerance and coexistence. Targeted awareness programs for schoolchildren, youth, local people, armed forces, and officials.
Kazakhstan Develop and implement program of ecological education for local people. Develop and implement strategies to enhance ecological education, including materials and public campaigns.
Kyrgyz Republic Organize and conduct trainings and round tables for representatives of ecological NGOs, local activists, and staff of local governments. Prepare documentary film about snow leopards. Organize mobile exhibitions on biodiversity conservation in population centers, frontiers, and near snow leopard habitat. Implement main course of study in “Protection of Endangered Species” in Kyrgyz Republic universities. Create postcard series and booklets for propaganda on rare species protection.
Nepal Education and outreach to improve relationships between park authorities and local communities, and contribute to conservation of snow leopard, its habitat, and prey base. Provide school education and informal education to senior citizens. Produce and distribute promotional materials (posters, documentaries). Conduct mass communication through electronic media. Publish and distribute booklets and leaflets.
Russia Encourage people living within the snow leopard’s range to relate to the cat as a part of their natural and cultural heritage and to understand the necessity of its preservation for its ecological, economic, and cultural value. Work with regional media to ensure regular coverage in the local press about the value and importance of snow leopard conservation.Develop and implement targeted information campaigns with the goal of establishing a positive image of the animal as a symbol of Altai and Sayan. One such campaign could be the annual Snow Leopard Day festival, organized with support from WWF in Altai and Tuva Republics.Active engagement of Buddhist leaders and other respected public figures in snow leopard conservation outreach among local residents.Engage local people in monitoring and conservation of snow leopard populations through economic incentives, such as ecotourism and souvenir production development in snow leopard habitats, and development of mutual cooperation between local communities and private and corporate donors for snow leopard protection.


Encourage decision-makers to take care of the snow leopard and its habitats. Facilitate increased professional expertise among decision-makers and resource management experts for sustainable use of snow leopard habitats as important resource for recreational activities, livestock grazing, and wildlife management. It can be done through development of special courses and programs for managers and decision-makers at national universities.
Uzbekistan Public awareness campaign. Develop and implement a public awareness campaign.