Tajikistan contains around 250-280 snow leopards primarily within the Pamir Mountain range.

Illegal trade, conflict with humans, lack of conservation capacity, and loss of prey have been identified as threats to this endangered species within Tajikistan.

Loss of key prey species, in particular Marco Polo sheep, markhor, urial and ibex, is thought to be responsible for increasing instances of depredation by snow leopards on domestic animals, leading to an alarming increase in retaliatory killing of snow leopards. Those animals killed due to such conflict often enter the illegal trade for their bones, pelts and other body parts.

The goal of conserving the snow leopard in Tajikistan is to maintain its current range and restore its population across its historical range wherever possible.


National Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Protection Plan:

Download as PDF: Tajikistan_NSLEP

Designated National Focal Point:

Mr. Nurali Said
Head of State Agency of Natural Protected Areas


Honorable Mr. Talbak O. Salimov
Chairman of the Committee of Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan


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