During the upcoming 3rd Asia Tiger Ministerial Meeting in New Delhi, India, the GLSEP secretariat is hosting a panel discussion on snow leopard conservation, with participation from 7 out of 12 snow leopard range countries. The secretariat aims to sustain the high level political interest in snow leopard conservation across the snow leopard range countries; to take stock of progress so far, build stronger networks across countries and help with resource mobilization.

The objective of the discussion is to discuss the next steps towards:

  • Management Planning of the 23 snow leopard landscapes as blueprints to secure them by 2020, mandated in the Bishkek Declaration.
  • Mobilization of resources towards implementation of the management plans and functioning of the GSLEP program
  • Ministerial level Steering Committee Meeting scheduled on International Snow Leopard Day (October 23, 2016)
  • Presidential Summit in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, tentatively planned for the second quarter of 2017


  • Yash Veer Bhatnagar (management planning goals and processes)
  • Shakti Kant Khanduri (Project Snow Leopard and Resource mobilization mechanisms)
  • Keshav Varma (Resource mobilization for GSLEP Secretariat and operations)
  • Tom Kaplan (GTI Council and its support to the GSLEP program)
  • Sabir Atadjanov (Steering Committee Meeting and Presidential Summit 2017)


  1. US Team
  2. Defra
  3. WWF
  4. GTI Council – George Yeo and Tom Kaplan
  5. Minister of Kyrgyzstan
  6. Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan
  7. Ministers/Senior officers of Nepal
  8. Minsters/Senior officers of Bhutan
  9. Ministers/Senior officers of India
  10. Ministeries/Senior officers of China
  11. Ministers/Senior officers of Russia
  12. Kyial Alygulova, GSLEP Secretariat
  13. Dr. Koustubh Sharma, GSLEP Secretariat
  14. Dr. Rajesh Gopal/GTF
  15. Mr. S. P. Yadav/GTF
  16. Andrey Kushlin
  17. Wildlife Institute of India
  18. UNDP-India
  19. Panthera