As previously reported, the 4th Session of the Steering Committee of the
range countries of the GSLEP program was held in New Delhi on October 23-24. At meeting, the Government of India and all guests present celebrate the 6th anniversary of the establishment of Snow Leopard Day. Snow leopards are ambassadors of alpine ecosystems that personify majestic and mysterious cats. For many Asian peoples, snow leopards are a symbol of strength, nobility and power. Occupying the highest level in ecosystems, it serves as a kind of flagship regarding the conservation of the entire animal world of the Central Asian highlands. The business of saving the snow leopard and related measures to protect biodiversity have been recognized at such a high level as in the governments of 12 countries of the range of the snow leopard. Key areas of work in all range countries were related to the implementation of the Global program for the conservation of the snow leopard and its ecosystems (GSLEP program), adopted in Bishkek in 2013 with the participation of 12 snow leopard range countries. Our country is represented by the Director of the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry Mirslav Amankulov, who expressed great gratitude to all representatives of the snow leopard range countries, international organizations for their participation and solidarity with the problem of one of the most beautiful, royal representatives of wildlife. This event on Snow Leopard Day will consolidate support for the idea of ​​conservation and sustainable development of high mountain ecosystems, one of the symbols of which is the snow leopard itself. The purpose of this meeting is to determine further steps and plans for the range countries after 2020, to revise the GSLEP structure for partners with a focus on a long-term global strategy for the conservation of the snow leopard and its ecosystems