A working seminar was held on June 17th in Karakol (Kyrgyzstan) on the collection and analysis of data that will inform the Management plan for the Central Tien Shan within the framework of the common goal of Global Snow Leopard Ecosystem Protection Program GSLEP, «Secure 20 by 2020″.

The seminar was organized by the GSLEP Secretariat with the support of the State Agency on Environment Protection and Forestry of the Kyrgyz Republic and the GEF SGP in the Kyrgyz Republic.

At the meeting, the GSLEP Secretariat presented an overview as well as the main goals and objectives of the seminar, along with the next steps for the development of the Management plan from Kyrgyzstan.

Chyngyz Kochorov of the GSLEP secretariat.

Chyngyz Kochorov of the GSLEP secretariat.

Participants were also informed about the mechanisms of collecting the necessary information, as well as the procedures and preliminary analysis of collected  information (data collection using GPS, questionnaires) for the development of the Management plan for the Central Tien Shan.

Participants proposed to extend the work on the landscape and expressed their willingness to collect the necessary information for the development the Management plan.

Working materials, profiles, maps, which are required for visits to the area and fieldwork scheduled for July 2016, were distributed among participants.

The SAEPF has instituted a core committee to prepare the management plan with participation of the Department for the Development of forest ecosystems and Protected Areas, the Department of Rational use of natural recourses, Department of forest, Snow Leopard Foundation, Snow Leopard Trust, WWF and other partners.