The GSLEP steering committee, the high-level body tasked with guiding the Global Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Protection Plan’s implementation, will hold its first meeting in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, on March 19th and 20th.

This meeting will present an excellent opportunity to review and sharply align the various elements of management and implementation of the program, and to infuse a measure of urgency in the program’s implementation at the frontline.

The meeting’s focus will be on discussing near- and long-term strategies for resource mobilization, and discussing the status of development of the management plans for the Program’s 23 target landscapes.

Further agenda items include the formalization of structures, roles and processes of both the GSLEP steering committee and program secretariat.

Noorus festivities

After the meeting, delegates will have the opportunity to attend the traditional Noorus celebrations on March 21st, celebrating both Kyrgyzstan’s unique culture and the common cultural heritage of the people of Central Asia. Festivities will include horsemanship, falconry, live performances of traditional dances, and cultural events.